1. Can I withdraw from my account the prize money I received?
    No, the prize money is not available for withdrawal from the account.
  2. Do I have to pass the verification in my Members Area in order to receive the prize money?

    The verification procedure is obligatory for receiving the prize money.

  3. May I transfer the Contest Prize to other account or change the type of the account where the prize money was transferred?

    No, you may not. In case you voluntarily refuse the Contest Prize, which has already been transferred to your account, you won’t be able to receive it again.

  4. When is prize money transferred to the account?
    Prize money is transferred within two business days after the moderator receives private message containing the number of the winner’s real account.
  5. May I deposit funds to the prize account?
    The account with the prize money you opened is a usual trading account, so the funds may be deposited/withdrawn using any method available at our Company.
  6. Is the prize money written off from the account due to inactivity?
    No, extra funds have no expiry date and are not written off from the account due to inactivity.
  7. May I withdraw the profit I made when trading using the prize money?

    Yes, you may. You can withdraw profit received when trading using prize funds.

  8. Is prize money written off an account after I withdraw the profit?
    No, it is not.