MetaTrader5-based hedge accounts are available for registration


Dear Traders!

We’re pleased to inform you about an opportunity to register MetaTrader5-based (MT5) hedge accounts, which allow you to open multiple positions in the same instrument, including oppositely directed ones. You can use the locking option, which is familiar from MetaTrder4 terminal, but in the more powerful and faster platform.

RoboForex is one of the first companies to introduce MetaTrader5 platform with the hedging position accounting system. From now on, our clients can use the locking option with the benefit of all other features of the most advanced trading terminal.

RoboForex representative
Anton Ivanov

Trade in the same way as you do through MetaTrader4 terminal and take
all advantage of the fifth version of the platform!

New position accounting system is already familiar to users, because it’s similar to the one in MetaTarder4 platform. Now, given the traders can use the locking option in MetaTrader5 terminal as well, there are no more barriers for transition to a more advanced trading platform.

MetaTrader5 terminal features:

  • Order execution in several transactions.
  • Testing trading robots according to the real tick history.
  • Multithread testing using MQL5 Cloud Network agents.
  • Using robots (advisors) for several trading instruments simultaneously.
  • Online chat for communicating with other traders.
  • Updated User manual with graphics and videos.
  • New trade operation type – closing a position by an opposite one (Close By).
  • Combined pending orders (Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit).
  • 21 timeframes.
  • Economic calendar.
  • MQL-programs execution speed much faster than MT4.
  • 64 bit support.

 If you opened MetaTrader5-based account before this update was released, you will continue trading on the same terms (netting system). To start trading through MT5 terminal with the locking option, you have to open a new trading account and choose the "Hedging system" option.

 Please make sure that the version of your terminal supports the hedging accounting system. The system is supported by MT5 terminal of build 1325 or later. The terminal is updated automatically when it is restarted. In case you have problems updating the terminal, contact our Live Support.